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I’m back to MY THEME SONG from a few weeks ago, BUDAPEST by George Ezra, and that line, “give me one good reason why I should never make a change”.

This Post is about the DAY that a DREAM gave me a darn good reason to want to change.

I’ve been holding a dream in my heart since childhood of who I am and that dream was always a secret, because I didn’t think it would come true. My dreams seemed like they would always just be dreams.

Wow, right now you might be thinking… that’s kind of sad! But, you see, my dreams were of a world that didn’t exist around me, of a world that I wished would be more fair, more just, more loving, and easier.

In my dreams I lived in a place where people lived peacefully and took care of each other, had a true democracy and used advanced technologies. What an imagination! My dreams had other planets in them and I traveled between the stars. So, no, I didn’t think those were going to come true.

But I still wanted to change the world. 


Well, as my life developed, other dreams took precedence.

During my career in investment banking, I did assist in completing many financial transactions that raised billions of dollars for the companies we worked with, including completing 23 transactions in a short number of years and helped bring in tens of millions in revenues for the investment banks I worked for. I loved traveling, was promoted, and generally “did well”.

But, I did not save the world.


One Night, after almost a decade and a half in finance, after making my key career goals, I had a dream that basically ROCKED MY world, and, not in a good way. The dream rocked my world in a “what the heck!!!???” way.

I call this the STADIUM DREAM, and I refer it often when I am doing consulting with individuals.

I’ve since come to understand that the stadium concept shows up time and again in spiritual texts and experiences, but I did not know that at the time.


In my DREAM, I was standing in the middle of a Vast Stadium.

I was on the center line on the green, and a man in, yes, white robes, was standing to my right, and we were looking up into the stands, and he was pointing, and explaining things about LIFE to me.

What he explained was that each person’s STADIUM contained all the people that they had effected in a positive way during their lifetime on EARTH. And, that when we DIE, that this was ALL WE TOOK WITH US, ALL THAT HAD ANY MEANING. It was the people we had effected, influenced, helped, benefited in some way.


AND THIS WAS OUR LEGACY. Because for EACH PERSON that we benefit at the heart level, well this benefit; the good, the influence, flowed through to their succeeding generation, and so on, and so on. AND, ALL OF THESE PEOPLE WOULD BE IN YOUR STADIUM. So that, even though our lives on earth can be short, our EFFECT on our FELLOW HUMAN BEINGS can be extraordinary.

AND, the man explained, THERE WERE PEOPLE WHOSE STADIUMS WERE FILLED TO THE BRIM, WERE FILLED TO OVERFLOWING. And as he spoke, I saw that possibility, and the thrill of the person who had such a stadium standing right where I was, looking up at the packed stadium, and the thrill and the joy of such a successful Earth lifetime.

I grew excited to see mine. I was hopeful about what it was like.

Now, he explained, he would show me my stadium. He would show me the stadium of people I had positively effected up until that point in my life, and their succeeding generations.

As I looked up, the shock was almost too much to bear. Where were all the people?


There were, like, SIX people in the STADIUM.

The rest of the seats were vacant, EMPTY.

The shock waves resonated through my body and I immediately woke with a feeling that is indescribable, that feels nauseating, like utter dismay, like crushed dreams. Because, a part of me knew, knew that this was true.

Despite making millions of dollars for many others, I had actually helped almost NO ONE in my life.

Have you ever heard the term “soul wound”?

Well, I didn’t know what that was at the time of my dream, but I did have an overwhelming feeling of dread that if I died while my stadium was still only at 6 people, that I wasn’t sure I’d survive the transition to the afterlife out of the utter dismay that my Soul would feel at it’s diminished presence and effect here on Earth because of the choices I had made and pursued during my lifetime.

I had the real sense that, despite all my wordly “accomplishments”, it seemed that my Soul felt that it had commanded no presence up to that time through my life, and that I had had no effect on the world.  And I deeply felt that I was supposed to.  I was supposed to effect those around me in a way that bettered us all.  My soul wasn’t interested in further activities and endeavors that I had been pursuing.  This was just my point of view based on my dream and the emotions of it.

Clearly, rather than saving the world, I had to save myself. And, I saw that the clear route to saving myself was by doing good that benefited others.





After having this dream of the stadium, I felt that I better understood Jesus’ story of the rich man, in Matthew 19:24, where he says “…it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.”

Now, I’m not a bible scholar, but it seems to me that besides thread, the only thing that can actually pass through the eye of a needle, is AIR, and LOVE. And… that LOVE is all that we can take with us, all that we can BE, for us to be able to enter the kingdom of God. LOVE FILLS OUR STADIUMS.


My conclusion is that we get to take all the LOVE with us when we pass on.

Ralph Blum, in his study of the Viking Runes, which had spiritual symbolism and meaning for the Vikings, says that the prayer of the heart is, “I will to will thy will”. After my stadium dream, I committed to aligning my goals with my Soul’s desire for my life on Earth.

Gerd Ziegler, in his book Tarot, Mirror of the Soul, explains how the concept of poverty is misunderstood. He says, that what poverty ACTUALLY means is that we can USE ANYTHING as long as we ACKNOWLEDGE that we do not OWN ANYTHING, meaning, that we cannot take it with us, but we can use all God’s earthly gifts for us to pursue the dream of our SOUL, it’s expression of LIFE lived through our human bodies, our human lives, our human selves.

And I would add to that and suggest that we apply STEWARDSHIP and CARE in the use of God’s resources, because these resources are made to be available to all beings. Kind of like not taking all the cranberry sauce before you pass it to the rest of the table at Thanksgiving dinner.

An even better example of this concept is the traditional and ingrained airplane safety guidelines that we listen to, again and again, every year in it’s unchanging state: Put your mask on before helping others.”  Simply put, we have to care for ourselves, financially, emotionally, spiritually, physically, so that we can do our WORK in the world. SO THAT WE CAN LIVE OUR DREAMS, thereby, helping others.



What I’m trying to say is, we can change the world and make money doing it, and that’s okay. In fact, abundance and prosperity are a key part of the DREAM of a healthy, functioning planet Earth. I’m saying this because a lot of folks out there don’t get this, and they really need to, because their work is important and it’s so important that it needs to CONTINUE so that they can, together, SAVE THE EARTH and make our PLANET a BETTER PLACE TO LIVE.

Just a simple example is my beautiful friend who has a cat angel soul. She is running her Pet Store business and using part of the proceeds to fund the rescue of cats from notorious kill shelters. Yes, she is doing her part to “save the world”. But, recent animals have had expensive illnesses that have had her up all night until she was drained from lack of sleep, and the store was being drained of it’s resources from the cost of healthcare. Now, this is a WONDERFUL pursuit, and one that I support wholeheartedly. But she needs a NEW STRATEGY so that her STORE can keep doing it’s WORK of SAVING THE CATS AND KITTENS and so that she can get some sleep by sharing this labor of love.  So she’s working on that.

I guess it’s time to get back to my story.


In the years since my Stadium dream, I searched for how to do my work in the world in a way that would be profitable and fulfill the message of my dream and the guidance of my soul.  It has taken years for me to gain clarity, develop and  hone my skill sets, develop deeper understanding.

Here’s a great song that’s fun to dance to and happy, also: Cheerleader by Omi.

In it he sings “I’ve found myself a cheerleader, she is always right there when I need her”.

That’s what I’ve realized that my service, my talents, boil down to.

I am a cheerleader for others.

What better job could someone have who is on the green in the stadium of life, looking up at the stands, wanting to influence people for the better?

I am a cheerleader for you and I can see your talents even when you are having trouble describing them to me.

I am a cheerleader for your business and I can see with crystal clarity the fine points of your organization and the key areas of improvement needed for your business to hit the ball out of the park.

I am a cheerleader that has a ton of business experience so that when I’m cheering you on, I have the training and expertise to know that it’s because I know you, and your business, will be successful.

Most of all, I’m a cheerleader for myself.


And I am finally saving the world, by fueling others’ work and businesses and through inspiring others’ lives.



And it is my joy to assist you in doing that, through Inspired Strategies if that is what you require.

Let’s do work that is beyond what you had imagined you could be doing.

I feel joy, and I AM happy.

Now that’s a dream with a happy ending.



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+ What is your plan to Save the World?

+ How is your company or business contributing to save the world?

+ what strategies have you pursued to do good while earning a comfortable living?

+ what does ABUNDANCE and PROSPERITY mean to you?



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    1. Thank you, Maria. I’m glad that you are enjoying the website! I look forward to seeing the development of this work and I appreciate that you hold a vision of this also.

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