How to be a HERO

“PEOPLE are HEROES by the simple virtue and fact

that they are aligned with their dreams and aspirations for themselves,

and they make the world a better place for those around them

through the doing of work that they LOVE.”(1)

~Susan V Lacerra


And if you are a business manager, or if you are hiring someone ~

“PEOPLE WHO ARE DOING WHAT THEY LOVE are going to add more value, be more productive, they are going to benefit the world around them and they are going to give you UNSURPASSED VALUE for what you pay them. They give you MORE, and it’s BETTER.” (1)

~Susan V Lacerra


© 2015 Inspired Strategies LLC

FOOTNOTES:  (1) ~ Excerpt from  ““Making a Change to Align Your Work with Your Dreams for Yourself”

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