Beautiful Men’s Legs, or, Why You Should Do That Thing You Are Dreaming Of

Every time I see this poster, I want to LAUGH.  I DO laugh.  And, it’s always on the Fourth of July, at a country home town barbecue at the Dickson Ranch in Woodacre, California.

I haven’t actually seen the Beautiful Men’s Legs contest, although, every year I think “that would be fun”, just for the home town silliness of it.  But, I haven’t.

Maybe it’s because I have been a “couple” every year I’ve seen it…

or maybe it’s because it seems like it’s 100 degrees out and I have to wait another hour….

or maybe it’s because one of the years I wore my black pointy-heeled Ferragamos to the ranch and I was thinking “I have to get out of here!”….

or maybe it’s because I couldn’t think over the sounds of “can I get a burger, do you want fries with that, let’s go to the flea market, can I get an icee, let’s go see the horses!….”

Or, maybe it’s because looking at a bunch of sweaty dusty men on a hot sunny day felt like a little too much…. hot sweaty dustiness… hmmmm….. oops I digress!


Our Own First Prize

You know, I was thinking, that every man’s beautiful legs, would have a woman (or a man) who was just REALLY into them, just REALLY into that crazy BEAUTIFUL depiction, of handsome men’s legs, in the flesh…. that every pair of legs would have someone for whom that pair of legs was FIRST PRIZE.

…. no matter how dusty, how sweaty, how bowed, how grizzled, how muscled, how not muscled (politely), the legs would be….



And it got me thinking

About how often we overlook our own talents, and our own specialness, our uniqueness, our special take on the world, the unique skills we have to offer, our personal beauty in whatever form that may be

And we do something else, for a period of time, so that we can then DO THE SOMETHING ELSE, that we really want.  At some point in the future.

But, the thing is, WE are our own FIRST PRIZE

All those unique talents, special skills, expert knowledge, personal beauty, what we love in life, is what is our most likely long term prospect for consistent, abundant long term personal wealth and employment in this new economy of ours….

… the one where we have to be readily adaptable, easily flexible, potentially global… it’s a challenging economy because of these attributes and a challenging world to navigate in.  Unless we can go with what’s easy.

We Create Our Own Contest

We can really only make the most of our best prospects by going with what’s easy in the first place, and the easy path is doing what we already know or what we already love… using all those talents, those special insights, that past experience, that special way of seeing the world, your special beauty, your expertise, to move ahead.

I remember talking to a college professor (Professor Rose) about my future and him saying, “you’re going to work hard no matter what you do, so you might as well do the thing you like doing”.

And we have to claim this about ourselves to receive our ribbons, to receive our reward, to receive our accolades, to receive respect, to be honored.

Because, in this new economy, we can, and we really will have to, create our own contest, from our own dream, for our own heart and about what we care about in our lives.

There are so many people that I talk to, who are doing something for their work, and they are not that thrilled about it, and yet, they have something amazing that they spend so much of their free time on.

What We Cannot See About Ourselves

They cannot see that it is amazing, or how good they are, or that they are much more knowledgeable than anyone else, or that their beauty just shines from their faces when they talk about this “other thing” they love doing or this “other way” they love being.

In behavioral finance, this is actually called “the Halo Effect”.  Someone influenced by the halo effect “extends a favorable evaluation of some characteristics to other characteristics.”(1)

Using this term about an individual, what I mean by this is that the challenge with accessing our own special talents and abilities is that we do not see them… because since we are so good at them, we think others are just as good at them ALSO.

And, when we do this, we loose our opportunity to take that thing we have always been thinking of, that we have been dreaming of, AND GO DO IT.

Because we feel that…

…. anyone can do it….

…. everyone else already knows this….

…. why do I think I know this way better than anyone else….

…. Although I’m good at organizing things, running things, describing things, making things, etc. no-one else will care because they can easily do this also….

…. and so on.

But, you know what?

Those things that you are good at ARE YOUR VERSION of FIRST PRIZE, BEAUTIFUL MEN’S LEGS at your own contest.

Just for today, I’d like to ask you to think about what you are really good at, what you have always dreamed about, that you might be overlooking.





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(1) The Halo Effect definition is from

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