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Personal and Business Success Beyond What You Have Imagined


Susan V. Lacerra

I am an “awakened” former investment banker who came to see that the bigger picture is all about service from the heart, that through embodying our authentic self, our expression of soul in this lifetime, we can best serve our higher selves, fulfill our purpose in this life, lead a successful life, have a more successful business, and lead a life that also benefits others.



Extensive Business Background

  • I have interviewed hundreds of senior executives (mostly CEO’s) from diverse industries and with diverse business models.
  • I have analyzed dozens of companies (creating financial models and detailed industry and company reports) and done high level reviews of hundreds of enterprises.

Scientific Knowledge

  • As an innovator and entrepreneur, I have spent years studying and developing a personal background and understanding in the field of quantum physics.

Spiritual Background

  • I have an extensive spiritual practice and background that often comes into play with clients through the creation of specific meditations and personalized drawings which they often do as homework and to support their personal development.
  • My work in personal development with you is informed by my extensive study of sacred geometries, which are transformative in nature.



Investment Banking career as an Equity Research Analyst

During my corporate career I analyzed dozens and dozens of companies from start-up to large companies, interviewed hundreds of CEOS and senior management, and was a lead member of teams that closed two dozen transactions totaling tens of billions of dollars in financings.  So I was familiar with business success and yet, I didn’t feel successful as a person.  I came up against personal obstacles, personal limitations and challenges, and I needed to break through to really be and feel successful in my life.

Living as an Expatriate in Ireland, re-Discovering Authenticity

Looking back, a huge blessing in my life was moving to Ireland as an expatriate after my investment banking career. Like most countries, the Irish aren’t appreciative of Americans with an attitude. To be successful in Ireland I was compelled to change critical aspects of my professional life.  The Irish cared all about personal relationships and consideration, the antithesis of the abrasive and pushy corporate culture that had become familiar to me.

To succeed in the hard charging financial world I had adopted a pretty tough persona, completely covering my deeper spiritual nature, instead I had become pretty arrogant and, well, commanding.  I flew three out of four weeks a month, and was on call non-stop at any hour of the day. But I also stayed in five star hotels, interviewed amazing people and businesses, traveling around the country, and the world, and I loved being one woman in a meeting of 40 men and sitting next to the CEO at the table. I felt that I was achieving for myself but also blazing a trail for others.

So I understand what it’s like to be in that scary position of needing to transform your persona to become authentically yourself. Because at the same time, you wonder, can I still be successful? Will I still be accepted? And I’ve found that the answer is, yes you will, but the people, and the form of your work, will transform, and be new; they will be beyond what you have imagined, and in an amazing way.

Life Lessons From a Road Trip All Around the Western United States and Canada

Another life changing experience was that prior to moving to Ireland, I had taken a few months off working, bought a Range Rover, and drove 8,500 miles over four months around the rural towns and areas of the western United States and Canada.

This incredible trip taught me 1) That North American people are NICE, they are CONSIDERATE and they are HELPFUL, 2) that the landscape of our country is BREATHTAKINGLY BEAUTIFUL, 3) that North America has ABUNDANT land and resources and 4) most importantly MINDSET AND ATTITUDE are everything.

None of these observations, based on my actual experiences, matched the generalized stories I read every day in the news media about our country and our world. Driving around the country, people seemed more intelligent, opportunities seemed more hopeful, life seemed more secure, and our country was much more pleasant than we are lead to believe by just reading the headlines. I know, now, because I’ve been there.

Learning about being American by Living Outside the Country

Living outside of the United States, I got to see our country in a unique way. I got to see the ways in which we still are and can be a LIGHT for the world, especially on an individual level. I saw that I was an ambassador for my country, and that no matter what people thought about our politics, or our sometimes abrasive manners abroad, when push came to shove and there was a crisis, regular people knew they could count on American friends to be there and help out. Living outside of the United States and in Ireland was a highly beneficial, life changing, pattern breaking, heart opening experience, and I’m grateful to the angels of Ireland who granted us this experience, because I think that to be allowed to live in Ireland for any length of time is a very special thing.

Analyzing the Bigger Picture and Macro Events

My work in the financial industry compelled me to put my critical eye to a subject and “take it apart”, how to analyze a subject from a macro to a micro approach, and my training was to look at patterns, find what didn’t fit, and track it down. And so while I was living abroad as an expatriate, I decided to figure out how the world really worked.

The big picture wasn’t pretty, and if you’ve spent any time understanding how the world has really worked in recent history, then you know what I mean.  I concluded that the only answer on an individual level was to completely align with Spirit in whatever name you give this being or energy yourself, that Love and beneficial and respectful relationships with others are the only things that are truly real and are the “way out” to a better life and a better world. I’m not talking about religion but about the loving nature of human beings, and about the Golden Rule “love your neighbor as yourself”.

On the Cutting Edge of a New Trend – Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Possibilities

During my tenure in investment banking, I found that I had acuity at spotting trends early that were pivotal shifts. While pursuing my research, I came to see that the trends in Quantum Physics were one of the most interesting and promising things happening in the world today.  One of the key reasons is that Quantum Physics crosses the boundaries and creates a bridge between spirituality and science, making anything possible.  So I’ve spent a good deal of time understanding and analyzing the concepts and tenets of quantum theory.

When I was a child, I imagined other worlds where peace reigned and energy was something people interacted with on a personal level, where exotic technologies caused starships to fly and healing any trauma was energetically possible.  I had always been very sensitive and intuitive.  The research I did in quantum physics activated my memories of these childhood dreams.  I found I was a natural at understanding new energy technologies which function using quantum mechanics theory.

In 2012 I began to delve into these new energy technologies in a more focused way.  Finally, I was seeing real world inventions that operated like the technology in my childhood dreams.  And I had the analytical understanding of quantum theory combined with expert business analytical skills. I developed a basic working understanding of quantum concepts and found myself developing Tool Sets for individuals and businesses based on the technology. I have also had the fascinating experience of working with several inventors of these new technologies.  Now, in 2015, I have begun writing a book with my take on this theory and how it applies to personal development as well as financial trends.

I desire to work with honorable and willing people who can benefit from and have an interest in these tool sets and my expertise for their highest good and the highest good of all in alignment with Universal Law.

I have used the Tool Sets I developed to heal and align so that I can find expression in the world from my inner voice, through my heart, and the results have been beyond what I could have imagined. On the personal front, the Tool Sets I have created helped me develop my Intuitive Discernment, to listen to and connect with my Inspiration, to heal my Codependent approach to relationships, to Heal Anger, to Heal Fear, and to learn to Feel Love in my Heart again.  In the process I have changed my life.

I have used these tools with others to achieve personal breakthroughs that have led to business and life success, without going through tons of personal story, by using tools that play on the quantum possibilities.

Work With Me

It’s time to FLOURISH FROM THE HEART and ACHIEVE OUTCOMES that are BEYOND WHAT YOU HAVE IMAGINED.  If you’re ready for a change, if you’ve had a major shift in your life, and your heart, if you want to work with someone who gets your business and can help you personally, Let’s work together. I look forward to celebrating your business and personal success.

Thank you for reading and for taking a look at my website. Drop me a line if my work resonates with you. I’d love to hear from you.

Let’s Flourish from the Heart



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Work with Me

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