Awakened: From Fear and Anger, to Love

The Moment I Awakened: From Fear and Anger, to Love

This series is about my journey of moving out of unhealthy fear and anger to love.  I awakened from having a competitive approach based in fear and anger, to moving to do my work being motivated from within by love.

Unlike most stories involving love, it is a story of making this shift in my work, and in my career. But it started in a very personal way, with realizing the truth of my emotional life.

I Could Not Feel Love in My Heart

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A New Model for Financial Sustainability

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I am working with a group on financial sustainability, because of my interest in conscious business. Contributing to the development of an enterprise that was grounding itself in consciousness and that desires to create financial sustainability is a wonderful opportunity for which I am grateful.

Seeing An Enterprise as a Toroidal Form

The first aspect of working on sustainability was to align around the concept of a business enterprise as a crucible, holding both its own ‘life force’, and integral to the life forces of the human beings involved.

For me the architectural structure of this type of enterprise can be described as a toroidal shape. A toroidal shape is essentially a particular spherical form with its basis in sacred geometry.

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Awakening: The Steak and the Sizzle

Living my Awakening: Choosing Actions Motivated by Love

This week, I deeply desired to know what was behind this feeling of NOTHING that was inside me. I’ve made so many changes in my life, after my spiritual awakening, yet I still have days like this.

It seems that a big bubble of emptiness is in the way of me moving forward, stepping forth, and reclaiming my ‘mojo’. What’s in the bubble does not feel like doubt and it does not feel like insecurity. If feels like a great big space between my self-confidence, and taking action.

I feel confident, and I am well studied. But what I wish is to feel comfortable at the top of this cliff of who I have been, before I jump to who I am now, and who I am going to be.

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How Full is Your Stadium?

One day a DREAM gave me a darn good reason to want to change                           

For years I fondly held the memory of my childhood dreams.

Growing up, how I wished the world was different. But in my dreams, there existed a place where people lived peacefully and took care of each other, had a true democracy and used advanced technologies. Yes I loved Star Trek! My dreams had other planets in them and I traveled between the stars.

And I didn’t think those dreams were going to come true.

But I still wanted to change the world. 

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September 11: When Hope is Renewed

IMG_0966 September 11, Hope, Inspiration, Encouragement,

Today is a day of remembrance, and of honoring, and of forgiveness, and of moving forward.

Moving forward from where?

If you were alive on September 11, 2001, at almost any age, you will remember.

Do you know what I remember?

My mom calling me on the phone.

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I HAD A DOG, Setting Your Course, Recovering from a Fall, and What Unconditional LOVE is About

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I had a dog. And he was awesome, magnificent.

And he was my best friend.

My dog was a German Shepherd, and he represented the best of me, of training him, being taught by him, having a relationship with him, of taking care of him, of him looking after me, together.

He amazed my friends.

He was an Ambassador for dogs, and for German Shepherds.

His gift seemed to be to convert people who had had bad experiences with his “kind of dog” into people who liked a German Shepherd…. Him.

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