Work With Me – For Your Business

I am Susan V. Lacerra.  My background is investment banking including business analysis and financing. My skill set is strategy and my talent is inspiring you.

My background is a decade and a half in investment banking, analyzing dozens of companies and interviewing hundreds of members of management teams and completing almost 2 dozen financial transactions totaling tens of billions of dollars.  Since my work in investment banking I have worked with entrepreneurs and senior executive, lived outside the USA as an expatriate and held various positions in volunteer organizations.

In my role as a Managing Director I ran teams and so I know what it’s like to create projections, be expected to execute them, and to know what the consequences are of falling short; I had employees and team members with families, with kids in school.

My work with entrepreneurs and senior executives has been primarily developing personal and business strategies. These have included helping to form several start up businesses, developing financing strategies, creating compelling investment themes, helping to set the course for forward momentum.

New energy technologies are a particular specialty for me, including creating blueprints of vibrational based tech that enhances the users’ abilities to create above average performance.

I have a strong spiritual practice that I bring into my consulting in the form of inspired information, messages, images and vision. My background is Christian and my practice is based on the golden rule. I welcome working with honorable and willing people of shared values.

Please email me at susan at inspiredstrategies dot com to connect about your specific project.


Services Include:


Analyzing the data about your business, finances, how your customers use your services, how your membership behaves, will allow you to go from “I think it’s this way….” to “I know”.

And when you know, for sure, you can have the confidence to make a decision that can effect the entire outcome of your business operations with confidence and clarity.



How can you keep control of as much ownership of your business, either on a longer term basis or in preparation for a larger financing?

If you have a business with “good bones”, we can explore and create self-funding mechanisms and strategies.


Please contact me at susan dot lacerra at gmail dot com for packages.