How Full is Your Stadium?

One day a DREAM gave me a darn good reason to want to change                           

For years I fondly held the memory of my childhood dreams.

Growing up, how I wished the world was different. But in my dreams, there existed a place where people lived peacefully and took care of each other, had a true democracy and used advanced technologies. Yes I loved Star Trek! My dreams had other planets in them and I traveled between the stars.

And I didn’t think those dreams were going to come true.

But I still wanted to change the world. 

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HUMAN ANGELS – OR – Bridge Distances by Agreeing What to Ask For

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One day, years ago, I was taking a flight from San Francisco to Florida, and a man sat next to me in first class on the overlay in Texas. He was having a hard time, and I prayed with him, and we talked about angels – human angels.

This is another blog post with a soundtrack…. My new favorite song is “My Angel” by Prince Royce Listen Here.

One of the things I love to do with people is BRIDGE DISTANCES, find commonalities, bring seemingly disparate ideas and concepts together.

I feel that we can best do this by asking “what do we both care about that’s in common?”

When you are doing business this approach also expands the pool of potential customers and friends. And, you know, sometimes going out of your way to help another person ends up being incredibly helpful to yourself in ways that are unexpected. Continue reading HUMAN ANGELS – OR – Bridge Distances by Agreeing What to Ask For